East Side Nursery School

Spots available in our 4-year-old class! 

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East Side Nursery School

A few spots are available in our 4-year-old class!

Why a Co-op

We believe both children and their families benefit from participating in a cooperative school. Our co-op structure offers children a gentle transition from home to the primary school environment. It also offers parents a unique opportunity to be actively involved in their child’s early education, observe their child’s developing relationships, and enjoy being part of a caring community of families. And of course, by participating in the co-op structure, parents help keep tuition costs low! 

Parent responsibilities include:

  • Helping in the classroom approximately 4-7 days during the school year
  • Maintaining the school by participating in all-school improvement projects, and by cleaning the classroom once or twice per year
  • Participating in school activities, including field trips, fundraisers, and publicity efforts
  • Attending three mandatory parent meetings (held in the evenings in the spring, fall, and winter)
  • Serving, if interested, as a board member on our working board.