East Side Nursery School

Just two spots left for our 4-year-old class! 

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East Side Nursery School

   Just two spots left for our 4-year-old class!


We offer two groups: a two-mornings-per-week (Tuesday/Thursday) group for 3 year-olds, and a three-morning-per-week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) group for 4 year-olds. There are three teachers and a helping parent present in the classroom each day the children meet. There are 16 children in the Tuesday/Thursday group and 18 children in the Monday/Wednesday/Friday group, making an adult-to-child ratio of roughly 1:5.

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Our day begins with drop-off between 8:45 and 9 a.m. and ends with pick-up between 11:45 a.m. and 12 noon. The school year runs from September to mid-June. In most cases, our holidays and vacations follow the same schedule as Providence Public Schools.

Extended Hours

We offer the following extended hours:

  • Lunch Bunch – Available for both groups, children can stay at school to eat lunch until 1:00 p.m. Children bring their own lunches. Cost is $15 per day. Drop-in.
  • Extended Day Program – Available Monday & Wednesday for the MWF group, children may stay until 2:00 p.m. Cost is $30 per day. Drop-in.

Curriculum & Goals

The program goals at ESNS are aligned with the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the Rhode Island Early Learning & Development Standards, which are guidelines that indicate what children should know and be able to do by the time they enter kindergarten. At ESNS we feel strongly about the following goals:
  • To get along with other children and function in a group setting
  • To relate to adults other than family members and feel comfortable about being away from home
  • To act independently and take responsibility for themselves
  • To develop a means of self-expression
  • To foster a strong, positive self-image
  • To try new physical feats, become more confident, and perfect motor coordination
Everything we do at ESNS is part of the curriculum and is designed to support these goals and the children’s development—including the way we arrange the classroom, our daily schedule, our learning areas, the materials available to the children, and how we display those materials.

ESNS is licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services.
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A Typical Day

Here’s a glance at your child’s typical day at ESNS.. 

8:45-9:00 Greetings

The children arrive at school. Each child washes his or her hands as they enter the classroom. The children choose how they want to start their day: in the art area, at the play-dough table, or in the dramatic play area; by exploring small manipulatives or investigating materials at the sand or science tables; by playing with Legos and trains; or by reading books in the quiet area. Parents are welcome to stay to help their child transition into the day.

9:10 Group Time

We gather together to start our day. During group time, we sing songs and talk about what is going on in the classroom that day. We share plans for the day’s special projects, we explore the science area, we introduce the helping parent, and we may even brainstorm how to deal with any issues in the classroom, because we can solve many problems as a group. Group time begins as a very short gathering time for the 3 year-olds, but then lengthens as the children grow developmentally. We remind the children that first and foremost, “the teachers are here to take very good care of you!”

9:30 Activity Time

With the words, “Think about where you want to play and have a great day,” the children move on to activity time. This is the time of day when the children choose among the many activity centers at ESNS. The teachers and helping parent encourage and support the children in this process. The children are playing, but through the careful design of our curriculum, they are also learning.

10:30 Clean-up Time

As a group, we all work together to put away our activities and clean up the classroom. Then we wash our hands for a snack.

10:40 Snack

The helping parent brings in a fresh fruit or vegetable snack to share with the group. The school supplies whole milk, water, pretzels, and O’s cereal as well.

10:55 Quiet Time

The children clear their snack place and then they go to look at books for a few minutes until the other children are done.

11:00 Book Time

Each day we read a book to the children.

11:15 Outside or Inside Play Time

At ESNS we embrace outdoor play in many types of weather! We go outside to play every day unless it is bitter cold, pouring rain, or icy in our playground. Parents send labeled outdoor clothing appropriate for that season, including rain gear, snow clothes, or boots. On days we can’t go out, we transform our classroom into a great play space with a basketball hoop, a tunnel, hopscotch, a balance beam, and other equipment that allows the children some gross motor playtime. This active playtime lasts until pick-up, starting at 11:45 until noon.

11:45-Noon Pick-Up

Pick-up starts at 11:45 and goes until noon.