Where is Winter?

It’s February! And even though we sang a song about winter for the whole month of January we are still waiting for Winter! But... I have to say we have enjoyed being able to go outside most days. 


This month we are experimenting with Negative space in art; changing the shape of the paper to see if it changes how we feel about drawing. Then changing the space inside the paper (with a cutout) and seeing how that makes us feel. Towards the end of the month we will begin exploring lines and color in Art. After vacation we will be having a take home bear/dog rotating through the classroom.


It may seem like a long way away but we are already seeing Auction Items coming in. And we are feeling the buzz in the community as everyone starts to get involved. If you haven’t yet, it is time — read our updates. And every year we find the food AMAZING and that it is a fun night out for everyone. 

Carole and Michele