Happy December!

This fall has just flown by. The Harvest feast was so much fun — seeing the children create an event that their families could come to!

The way we approach this time of year at ESNS when there are so many different holidays' people celebrate is to sing, talk and share with each other about the holidays. We are not looking to educate the children about specific Holidays, but to help them realize that people can and do celebrate many different Holidays. We just touch on a few — Hanukkah, Christmas and Solstice — that are celebrated at this time of year, but if you have holidays that are important to your family that you would like to share we would love for you to talk to us about them and to include them.

We will be singing, making gifts, setting up dress up like a fancy dining room table for having company. And we will be making gifts for our families. We’re looking forward to celebrating! 

Giving Box

Each year we decorate a box we call our Giving Box. In it we collect books for Books are Wings, a local organization dedicated to giving books to children who may not have many books. We like this because the children can be involved and we are not asking them to buy anything. We are asking that the children look around with their parents to see if there are any gently used books to donate. We are hoping that you may have duplicate books, outgrown books, or books that do not match your child’s interest that you could donate.